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Formed in 2012, the Four Skulls are a hard rock band based in eastern Kentucky in the USA whose music has been described by some as “when Alice In Chains meets Rush”.  Their love for lush vocal arrangements, heavy rock, and time signature changes are somewhat indicative of their style.  The band prides themselves on bringing everything they have to deliver a powerful show with a driving rhythm section, soaring guitar work, and over-the-top vocals.  The combined gigging experience of the members will ensure they ensnare each and every audience member into their own brand of the hard rock experience.


Four Skulls debut concept album "World Of Hurt" is a story of a young man's journey through the hell of warfare. From the perils of leaving home, to being thrust into all-out war thousands of miles away in a foreign land, to having his mind forever changed from all he has witnessed and endured. Each song is a chapter in this excursion, and takes you inside his psyche from innocence, to brutality, to paranoia.

Four Skulls
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